Just launched: app collaboration

Sebastian Kippe ·

We just launched a new feature that we’ve been looking forward to since we started deploying our own apps on 5apps. You can now add other developers as collaborators to your apps, who are then able to access and deploy it, as if it were one of their own.

How does it work?

In order to add a collaborator, go to your app’s settings area, and choose the “Collaboration” tab from the menu. When you start typing a username in the form field, it will suggest existing 5apps users to add.

When you add a new user to your app, they will receive an email notification about it, and they will immediately be able to access the app like one of their own. They will also be able to push to the 5apps repository (i.e. deploy the app) with their own user account. You can see all collaborators as well as the owner of an app both your app index and the app dashboard.

Tagged deployments

With this feature we also start tagging deployments with a username. That means you’re able to see on the deployment detail page who was responsible for which deployment.

Organization accounts

Although we don’t offer dedicated organization accounts yet, this addition means that you can now register a normal 5apps developer account and use it for your company or open-source team. As there are no group permissions yet, just add single team members as collaborators to your apps.

Feedback welcome

We love listening to you, and adjusting our products to your needs. Tell us what you think via Twitter, the support site, or a plain old email.