Scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, July 17

Sebastian Kippe ·

Please note: originally, this announcement was for Wednesday, July 11. However, we hit an unexpected roadblock during the initial migration and had to move the date.

As already announced on our system status site, We will be moving most of 5apps’ services to a new datacenter next Tuesday afternoon at 12:00 GMT. The planned impact will be as follows:


We will be putting the Web UI in maintenance mode for a planned maximum of 3 hours. There will be no downtime for hosted apps.

If you are using a custom domain, and it is routed to 5apps Deploy using a DNS A record with our current IP address, you will receive an email containing the new IP address sometime soon. However, we will be routing all traffic to the old IP to the new datacenter for a while, so you do not have to sweat anything. Just follow the instructions in the email at a time of your choosing.


The 5apps Storage Web UI will be put in maintenance mode for a maximum of 3 hours. This means you will not be able to authorize new apps, or revoke authorizations during that time. Your storage account itself will be put into read-only mode for a short amount of time within the maintenance window, so you can still read data, but not write any new data to it. Most remoteStorage-enabled apps will just keep working normally, and sync any data you changed during the window as soon as the account is writable again. Some apps will show an offline indicator/status.

Managed Storage

Storage accounts will behave exactly like outlined above. Creating and deleting tokens will be possible under a new subdomain/URL, when is put into maintenance mode. You will be contacted by our team, who will also answer any questions you might have, and help in any way they can.