is shutting down

Sebastian Kippe ·

Unfortunately, is finally being shut down this Thursday. We were big fans of both the BrowserID protocol and Mozilla’s Persona service. And so were our users. Around 30% of new accounts were created using Persona, until Mozilla announced its shutdown in January this year.

Personally, I still think it was a great idea, which unfortunately wasn’t met with enough enthusiasm on the side of the big email providers. But no point in wallowing in the past, so here’s what you can do, in case you signed up on via Persona and haven’t enabled another login option yet.

Connect GitHub, Bitbucket, or

In addition to our existing GitHub login, we also just added support for Bitbucket and All of these options will also import your SSH public keys to 5apps Deploy, in case you’re signed up for it.

You can enable these options on the Connections page in your account settings, after logging in with Persona (before Thursday) or via username/password.

Enable username/password login

In order to enable password login, just go to your account settings and enter a new password. In case you can’t log in via any other method anymore, just request a password reset, and we’ll send you an email with a reset link right away.


If you have any questions or feedback, just leave a comment below. You can also ping us on Twitter, drop us an email, or visit our support site.