New Subdomains and SSL for Everybody

Sebastian Kippe ·

Good news everyone! We just introduced some major updates to our app domains:

New subdomain format

Until today, if you didn’t use custom domains, your apps were automatically available under

From today on, you can freely choose any first-level subdomain for your apps, given it isn’t already taken:


SSL for everybody

Even better, these fancy new domains come with SSL encryption for free!


That means users can now trust your app assets and code to come from a verified origin and aren’t modified by a 3rd party in between.

Existing apps and domains

Your existing apps are still available under your old subdomain. Additionally, we generated new subdomains in the form of for you already.

We recommend that you choose a new domain as soon as possible (and before your choice is taken by someone else), and update any external links that point to your app. App manifests and other configs and scripts we add in deployment strategies will already use the new domain on your next deployment.

To avoid warnings about some assets not being delivered securely when accessing your apps from the new subdomains, you should ensure that any external assets you use are served via https.

Questions? Feedback?

If you have any questions about migrating your apps, or any kind of feedback on all of this, feel free to use the comments below, shoot us a tweet, or use the support site.