Introducing our Status Dashboard

Sebastian Kippe ·

Good news everyone! We just launched a new system status site on, where you can check the operational status of all our products and services:


Downtime: our common enemy

In a perfect world, there would be no downtime, of course. And luckily, we had very little in the past. Especially our app hosting is virtually indestructible, and as a service provider, it’s our main priority to keep things fast and available.

But, naturally, issues do arise sometimes. And even with just a few minutes of downtime, we think you should know what’s going on immediately, and be kept in the loop about everything until the problem is resolved.

Apart from updating the site whenever an event occurs, a note will also be published on Twitter (@5apps). And on this new site, you can even subscribe to RSS feeds containing all status updates and notes – either for single services, or all of them at once.


The new status site is based on the fantastic Stashboard, an open-source software written in Python with Django and running on Google App Engine. Many thanks to Twilio for making it available to the world!