Reset the Net – Adding HSTS and robust Perfect Forward Secrecy to all of our infrastructure

Sebastian Kippe ·


Today is the day we take back privacy on the Net! Not by asking for it, but by securing our software and infrastructure in a way that makes mass surveillance completely impossible.

5apps is joining the Reset the Net initiative today by making our services even more secure. We just rolled out updates to our live systems, adding HTTP Strict Transport Security as well as more robust Perfect Forward Secrecy to all 5apps sites and products, including your hosted apps on 5apps Deploy.

On the Qualys SSL Labs test suite, this takes our servers from an A- to an A+ rating. Check out the detailed report for one of my own apps on 5apps Deploy, in order to see exactly what we’re supporting.

Join us!

No matter if you’re an end user, software developer or server provider, we’d like to urge you to join Reset the Net today and pledge to take back your privacy and/or that of your users. We have the tools to fight back; now we just need as many of us as possible to actually use them.

Reset the Net!